Children awaiting Sponsorship

Some of the children on our waiting list:

 waiting- list- Joel Joel is six years old. He lives with his mother but is under KHC care as he was born and is living positively with HIV/AIDS. He is  intelligent and a good listener. When he was younger he went to KHC day care. Joel’s father isn’t interested in the children’s life. When he found out that they were positive the situation became worse for the children and their mother. He provides no support to the family.   Joel’s mother does work and the money she earns is to take care of herself and her two sons. His mother’s wish is that her two sons get the opportunity to go to school and get an education but given her circumstances this is not possible as she cannot afford the school fees.
Nalubaale Eseza 1  Esther is 15 years old and is currently in Senior 2. Her mother died when she was very young and she did not get to know any of her mother’s relatives. She lived with her father but was neglected and her health deteriorated. Her grandmother saw that she was very sick and going to die. She took her granddaughter to Kawempe Home Care for HIV testing. The results were positive. Now on treatment her health has improved.

“ Granny buys food and pays for daily needs by selling water to neighbours. I was on Kawempe Home Care’s school fees program but my sponsor is unable to continue to pay my fees. I am sad that I have to leave school as my granny cannot pay the fees as she is too old and says she has no solution and says we just have to go with whatever comes our way” says Esther.

Kawuma, Daniel 1Daniel is 13 years old and he is currently in primary seven. Unfortunately Daniel may have to leave school at the end of this year as his sponsor is unable to continue with the school fees. He lives with his mother and 3 siblings. Daniel’s father died and his father’s relatives do not want anything to do with the family. Daniel’s mother works in a local market to earn a living but this does not provide the family with all the basic necessities let alone school fees for her children.

It is not an easy life and Daniel’s mother is fearful for her children’s future as since her husband died the family are living from day to day.

Namagembe Victoria 1Victoria is 14 years old and was born with HIV. Her father left the family when her mother disclosed her status. Victoria  is in primary 5 but unfortunately her sponsor is also unable to continue to provide for her school fees and she needs the help of another kind person to pay her fees, otherwise she cannot go to school.

“My 3 siblings and I live with our mother and she works in a restaurant to pay for daily expenses at home. Our life is characterized by having one meal a day or even going to sleep with empty stomachs. My mother struggles to support us and always prays hard to God to live longer so she can look after us.” says Victoria.

 These children are just some of the many who would love to go to school. I hope you can help them to look forward to a better future.