New Hope Hostel for Children with Cancer

31 Jul

Kawempe Home Care opened its doors to children with cancer in October 2016 and since that time we have been able to provide children who are disadvantaged with support to enable them to access much needed treatment for their cancer.

One of our many success stories is Cissy who is 6 years old and she was diagnosed with leukemia at Mulago Cancer Institute and put on chemotherapy. Her mother is the sole provider. When Cissy first arrived at the hostel she was very weak and lethargic and had no appetite for food. We introduced her to a number of psychosocial sessions where she was able to interact with other children in the hostel. She began to play like any other child, became cheerful and started to eat.

Cissy’s health greatly improved and she was able to go back to school this term.

KHC is looking for donations to ensure that we can continue this valuable support for these children who are at risk of not having access to the support they need to have a chance of getting better. Find out how you can help.