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07 Aug

A lot has happened in July. I am sure many of you will agree that the ‘World Cup Soccer’ was an exciting event and that it united many people around the world. Another event that was celebrated was the 100th anniversary of Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela’s birth. The legacy of this iconic leader lives on in the hearts of a nation and a global community who find inspiration and hope from the way he lived his life and led his country.

In our small corner of the world KHC turned 11 years old and we continue to be busy…

USAID Defeat TB (Tuberculosis) Project

Kawempe Home Care has entered into a partnership United States Agency for International Development (USAID), an independent agency of the United States Federal Government that is primarily responsible for administering civilian foreign aid and development assistance.

The USAID Defeat TB  project is a five year project (2017-2022). The  objective is ‘To increase TB case notification, case detection and treatment outcomes through health system strengthening with the aim of ending tuberculosis (TB) epidemic in Uganda.’ 

KHC is extremely grateful to USAID as this grant it is a major boost to the work we are currently doing in this area.

A unique way to get a serious message across


In partnership with Uganda Cancer Society and Hiccup Circus Uganda, we have organized ‘A Talent Show for a Cause’ . The aim of the circus show is to raise awareness about cancer amongst children in primary school.

The circus performance included  juggling, drama, comedy, puppetry, acrobatics, feet theatre, clowns, flame throwing, dance and music.

The first school to host one of our shows was Edinance primary school.  The children had lots of fun and at the same time learnt about a serious topic. The children contributed 788,000 UGX towards helping the children with cancer at the KHC  New Hope Children’s hostel.



International Children Palliative Care Network Conference (ICPCN)

Open Society Institute of Eastern Africa supported KHC to participate in the 3rd International Children’s Palliative Care Network conference in Durban, South Africa.  KHC Executive Director Dr. Samuel Guma attended. “The quality of the topics and speakers provided delegates with valuable take away material.” He said.

Some of the key messages related to palliative care being a human right; children with life limiting illnesses need palliative care; children’s palliative care programs should be designed to accommodate the needs of the children and palliative care for children should be integrated into the health system.

Dr. Soji, Dr. Rajagopal (a noble peace prize nominee) his wife,  and  Dr. Guma at the welcome reception at the Shaka Marine World.











Eunice introduces Haward.

Kirabo Eunice Atto introduced Haward to her parents at their home in Kyanjja. It was such a colourful event. We wish the lovely couple a happy life together.


Old Friends Return

In the month of August we are pleased to have Carol and Tom visiting us. We have several projects that they will be assisting us with. They also will have some of their family coming for two weeks to visit and catch up with the children whose school fees they are sponsoring.

They have received wonderful support from their family and friends in Australia who have kindly provided donations and equipment for KHC. We would like to acknowledge the donation of two laptops from Jim Eivers.  A new laptop was made possible by Trish, Bill and Geoff.  Ally and Costas donated an ipad for the children’s hostel and Rosie also provided a donation to the children’s hostel.

Also there are clothes for the children on the HEC program and equipment for the office donated by Carol & Tom. Their nephew John is sponsoring an adventure for the Day Care and the New Hostel children – a day trip to the zoo. For many of the children this will be the first time they will have seen animals that are native to their country.

Our Miracle Girl – Eunice
Early in 2017 Eunice who is 4 years old was diagnosed with neproblastoma, cancer of the kidney. She was operated and started on chemotherapy.
In June she joined New Hope Children’s hostel where she stayed as she received her cycle of treatment from the Uganda Cancer Institute.
When we first meet Eunice, she was in very poor health and undernourished and we were fearful that she would be unable to handle the treatment. Looking at her today it is hard to believe that it is the same little girl! She is now in remission.” says Claire the hostel administrator.
It has not been easy seeing my child go through pain but I am grateful for the support from KHC. I am so grateful that my baby is recovering and there are no more cancer cells in her body as confirmed by the doctors.’ Says her mother.

It is so rewarding being able to see how KHC does make such a difference in the community.

We cannot over state how wonderful it is to get such great support from our partners and friends.

Thank you

Until next time.

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    We can never thank you enough for the wonderful work you do! God bless you and all your supporters.

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