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05 Jun

Kawempe Home Care wants to build a long-term, safe, and secure environment for children with cancer.

In March we launched the 1000 for 100 campaign. The idea is that if we could get 100 friends or partners to raise US$1000 each then Kawempe Home Care’s New Hope for Children hostel could have a permanent home, as we could purchase the current premises we are renting for the hostel.

It is an ambitious plan but we hope that you will help us achieve our goal as this will then provide the disadvantaged children with cancer a permanent place and a future where children can feel safe and secure during their treatment.

There is a tale of a hummingbird that was bravely flapping his wings to try and stop an approaching fire. The other hummingbirds said ‘what good can you do?’.

He replied ‘if we all flap our wings and work together we can make a difference.’ And they did and halted the fire!’ An inspiring tale.

 I think if like the hummingbirds we could all pitch in together, we can achieve this important goal. We already have a number of people who have agreed to join our campaign and we hop that we will get many more on board. The fund raising will be ongoing for the rest of this year and we will keep you posted on our progress. Meanwhile if you have any ideas for raising funds for this campaign, we would love to hear them.

We are very grateful to True Colors Trust, who was the first partner to make a contribution of £1000 towards our goal also, for their continued support to KHC. They are a UK organisation that supports palliative care development in Africa and has been in partnership with KHC through providing small grants in collaboration with African Palliative Care Association since last year.

Wonderful support from our partners:

Renewal of the partnership with Infectious Disease Institute (IDI) with funding from Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)/Presidents Emergency Fund for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR)

IDI is continuing to implement the HIV Project: “Accelerating epidemic control in Kampala region of Uganda under the President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR) through scale up of evidence based and high impact interventions towards achievement of UNAIDS 90:90:90 targets”.

Kawempe Home Care is very pleased to again be part of the IDI – Consortium that is responsible for the Kampala Region. IDI also provides KHC with training, mentorship and provision of equipment and supplies. The funding is provided by Centre of Diseases Control and Prevention. We are very fortunate to have such a long-lasting partnership, which truly benefits our clients.

New vehicle provides much needed transport

In early May, KHC received a new 14 seater van from MIVA (Austria) in partnership with HORIZONT3000. This generous donation will mean the children and their carers will be able to have reliable, accessible daily transport to take them to the Uganda Cancer Institute (UCI) for treatment and investigations.

(L-R) Mr. Gerever Gniwagaba (KHC) Dr. Sam Guma (KHC), children from the New Hope hostel, Mr. Christian Guggenberger (Regional Director East Africa HorizonT3000), Mr. Aloysius Byaruhanga  (Chairman KHC), Nankya Maria Assumpta (VICTASS), Agnes Spiegel (Technical Advisor M& E)            

( Below: KHC team dedicating the new van to    God)                                                                           

Thank you MIVA and Christian Guggenberger, from HORIZONT3000, your support and belief in what we do encourages us to continue the work we do. Also, thank you to Mr. Aloysius Byaruhanga (Chairman KHC) and Agnes Spiegel (Technical advisor M&E) for their assistance with this project.

KHC to celebrate 10th Anniversary

In preparation for KHC anniversary in July plans are underway for a two-day celebration that will comprise of the following:

Day 1: A Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) event and a medical camp at one of our partner primary schools.  Activities will include HIV education, painting a class room and HPV vaccination for ten-year-old girls.

Day 2: The official celebrations will involve a clinic tour and exhibition, the official opening of the New Hope Children’s Hostel for children with cancer, entertainment, speeches and awards.

Long time partners and friends from Samaritan Health and Hospice will be joining KHC for these celebrations. The Samaritan team supports many of our programs such as sponsoring Orphans and Vulnerable children’s education; palliative care for children with cancer; and is an ambassador of the Beads for Education project. We are looking forward to their visit and seeing old friends.

KHC received recognition for Excellence.

The Uganda Virus Research Institute (UVRI) awarded KHC with a certificate for its outstanding performance in continuous improvement in quality HIV Rapid testing.

KHC is proud of the laboratory team, John Apuuli and Shafic Kayiza for their great efforts and the outstanding quality work they do.


Children enjoy an Easter party

In April the Sheraton Hotel Kampala sponsored an Easter party for our children with cancer. We are grateful to have partners, who generous and care about these children.

The day provided the children and carers with a break from the daily fear and uncertainty they experience during their treatment. Everyone had a wonderful day and it will be remembered by them for a long time.

Thank you to the staff at the Sheraton Hotel for making the children feel very special.


Generous donation from AAR Healthcare

On 25 April, AAR Healthcare spent an afternoon at KHC as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility. KHC was glad to receive the AAR Manager, Mr Ariho Trevor and his team, who were very interested in the work we do for the community. They also donated food and paint for the New Hope Children’s Hostel and we are very grateful for this support.

Rest In Peace

During the month of May, KHC has also gone through painful moments with three children passing away due to their cancer May their soul rest in peace with the Lord in heaven. Our thoughts go to their families and friends.

Welcome to New Team Members

KHC is very pleased to welcome three new members to our team.

Primah Mugabekazi studied law. She joined us as the new Resource Mobilization Coordinator. She previously worked for a human rights organisation. Primah started in April and immediately got involved in a lot of the fundraising and networking activities. She also takes the lead in the 10 year anniversary preparations and KHC communications.  (Right: Primah with one of the children that is in our care.) 

Prossy and Palmer

Nafuna Mary Prossy is a Psychotherapist by profession and works with the children in the New Hope Children’s Hostel 2 days every week. She has extensive experience in counselling children and adolescents and previously worked for  Mildmay and TASSO. Prossy also supports the counselling team of KHC.

Aloyo Mary Palmer Angelica has been appointed as the Hostel’s social worker. Previously she worked as a counsellor in the field of HIV and mental health with the organisations BE-FRIENDER UGANDA  and COMHI-MULAGO. She supports the children with playing, reading and writing, leads group sessions and offers individual counselling for children and care takers.

We wish our new team members a satisfying and rewarding career with us.

I hope you have all enjoyed reading our blog. In our next blog we will have a special feature on the anniversary celebrations.

Thank you as always for your tremendous support of Kawempe Home Care. We hope you can help us to achieve our goal of providing children with cancer, who need our love and care during their ordeal, a permanent home so we can make sure that this valuable service can continue into the future.

KHC’S future is important to the lives of the disadvantaged people we provide valuable holistic support to in the community.


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