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24 May

Wonderful recognition for Kawempe Home Care with New Hope Children’s Hostel awarded “Centre of Excellence” by the American Cancer Society.  To receive this recognition the hostel had to meet minimum standards required for a hostel supporting people with cancer. The New Hope Children’s Hostel attained the minimum standards and even exceeded them because of the provision of the extra palliative care services like psychotherapy, counselling and legal aid support. 

This achievement would not have been possible if it wasn’t for our hard working staff, our many supporters who provide gifts, food and clothing for the children and of course our founding partners, Kindern Eine Chance  and Red Charity.


Far Left: Erica  Krisel and Kirsten Solt  from the American Cancer Society during the minimum assessment visit.   

Right: The children with a banner thanking the ‘HUMBLE BUNDLE’ group who fund the American Cancer Society programs.                                

HorizonT3000 Technical Assistance Program.

This very worthwhile program was established by HorizonT3000 as a gateway between cultures and comprises much more than a simple procurement of know-how. The project staffs that are seconded to organisations such as Kawempe Home Care (KHC) have professional expertise and practical work experience. KHC has been extremely fortunate to have benefitted from this program since 2011.

Currently Agnes Spiegel is working with us and she has spent the past two years providing valuable support to the organisation and recently her contract was renewed for another 12 months until September 2019. We are very pleased that we will have her with us for a bit longer!

The new areas we will focus on for the next 12 months are:

  • Developing a new work plan and policy for Monitoring and Evaluation Department.
  • Support the Skills Development and Enterprise Manager to grow international markets to sell our beads and tailoring products which are made by KHC clients.
  • Support and provide technical assistance to the Resource Mobilization Coordinator in proposal development and fundraising.


(L-R Gerever  Niwagaba, Agnes Spiegel, Daina Nkurunzinza,  Jana Ongoma (Senior Program Officer HorizonT3000) Dr Sam Guma, and Ruth Musiimenta  during the Technical Assistant assessment visit.)




Visit to New Hope Children’s Hostel 

(L-R) Dr Sam Guma, Clare Namulwa, Phionah Nagasha, Dr Jackson Omone,  Manjit Kaur and Gerever Niwagaba

(Right) Some of the children currently living at the hostel


Dr. Sam Guma was pleased to welcome the Commissioner of Ministry Health in charge of integrated and curative services, Dr. Jackson Omone, who was interested in learning more about the services that the children’s hostel provides to the disadvantaged children in the community who have cancer. He was impressed with the services provided and he thanked the team for the wonderful services being provided to the community.

Fund Raising Event  – Art Barn

On 27 April John Ekkehard kindly organised a fund raising event for the New Hope Children’s Hostel as he wanted to support these children who are having to deal with a terrible illness.

John is a keen gardener and so he decided to have an event where he provided information on gardening and in particular how to grow succulents. It was a fun night and the money raised was 250,000/= (shillings).




Education often out of reach for parents/guardians

Many of us have been fortunate to have had easy access to a primary and secondary education and at the same time it was affordable.

In Uganda education is ‘free’ but there are compulsory fees to pay for uniforms, scholastic materials, brooms, toilet paper and so on. Currently school fees on average are per year: US$240 for primary school and US$360 for secondary school.

Unfortunately for many of our clients this is often more than they earn working in a year. So it is very much out of their reach to provide an education for their children. Many make enormous sacrifices to find the money as they believe that an education will provide their children with better opportunities and a brighter future.

Currently KHC has 106 children on our education program but there are also 96 children on our waiting list. Carol our long term supporter and volunteer is very pleased that friends and family in Australia currently sponsor 39 children. A friend Susan has recently sponsored 4 primary aged children for her 4 grandchildren who are in primary school and shared with them the stories of they children they are helping to go to school.

“Statement from Susan”

My four grandchildren are lucky enough to go to good schools where they can do a lot of extracurricular activities as well as schoolwork. Their parents are comfortable enough to provide them with their material needs and a lot of their desires, but they have travelled to poorer countries and are aware that not everyone is so lucky. The older girls read a lot and are interested in the challenges that face other children. Sponsoring children their own age in Uganda is a way for them to understand about conditions for other children and hopefully, develop their sense of social justice.

These children would love to go to school- Can you help?








To understand the challenges facing children, who desperately need financial support so they can go to school, read these children’s story .

If you would like to find out more about how you can make a difference to a child’s future contact us.

Every child deserves the opportunity to rise above their difficult circumstances and one way is through an education.

 Wedding Bells

Everyone was very excited to celebrate the marriage of Orishaba Patience (KHC Procurement Officer) to Geofrey Ssekyanzi.

We wish them a future full of love and happiness.




A Call for International Student Volunteers

Kawempe Home Care services to the community are run at a local level and we rely solely on charitable funding contributions and volunteers. Without this help we would not be able to provide the valuable services to our clients and the community. We are very fortunate to have worked with many international and local volunteers over  the years.

We are seeking people who are studying medicine, or nursing, social work, computer studies or other fields that would be valuable to our organisation. Our programs need your valuable transferable skills and your experience as a volunteer with us will be rewarding and memorable.

Lis Neilson was a recent volunteer at KHC and is from Germany. She shares her experience:

I heard about Kawempe Home Care from a good friend. I decided this was the right place for me to be a volunteer. During three months I have visited many HIV and cancer patients in their homes together with the home visit team from KHC.

I was amazed at how the staff respect, love and successfully manage to help many people realise that they have a choice to drop bad habits and change their lives. The team is very competent , hardworking and has a wonderful sense of humour.

During the home visits, I met Morris aged 12 years, who lives in extreme poverty. He lives with his 17 year old sister as his caretaker.  I was so touched and have decided to help Morris with school fees and he promised to visit me in Denmark in a few years.”


If you are interested in finding more about the programs and the opportunities please contact us.

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