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07 May

Like many of you KHC staff enjoyed a few days off for the Easter celebrations. However due to the nature of our work there is often a medical emergency or continuing medical support required for palliative care patients or the children at the hostel that must continue their cancer treatment – so some staff were still working during this time. We are grateful to those staff that provided this continuous service.

KHC has helped 4778 patients and we have been able to accommodate 390 children with cancer and their carers at our New Hope Hostel since inception in late 2016. We are very pleased that we have been able to provide these services to so many people who need our support.

Thank you

The saying ‘It takes a village to raise a child’ is very powerful but for KHC it is also the love and generosity of our communities that helps us to provide for those less fortunate and to make a difference to their lives.

Thank you very much for supporting us as the smallest donation goes a long way.

  • The children at the New Hope Hostel appreciated the woollen sweaters recently donated by a group from Hospice Uganda
  • During Easter, we had Rotary Club Kireka and Rotary Club Kyanja pay a visit to the New Hope Children’s Hostel. The Clubs donated food, clothes and material for uniforms for the children. One of the highlights for the children was an Easter cake. Both Clubs have said they will be providing continued support for the hostel.
  • Kizito choir from the St. Augustine Catholic Community – Makerere, organise annual charity concerts with the proceeds going to help communities. A concert took place on 7 April and they donated items for the children in the hostel. eg food, soap, etc.
  • The Prefects and one of the teacher’s Mr Turyahikahe  Willy,  from Nakasero Primary School, paid us a surprise visit. The children at the school collected money and many gave what little they had from their break time money. This money provided items such as maize flour, laundry detergent and clothes. We were extremely humbled that these children gave what little they have to someone else.








‘Music washes away from the Soul the dust of everyday life …’

A wonderful project initiated and funded by Luise  Zimmermann engages through music, dance and drama with the children at the New Hope Hostel who are in palliative care.

The children love singing and dancing and also many have begun piano lessons.  The joy that this begins the children is indescribable!

Recently Mr & Mrs Zimmermann celebrated their “Golden Jubliee” which is an amazing milestone 50 years of marriage – congratulations. Together with friends they celebrated the event and also raised 1.2 million schillings for the New Hope Hostel. These funds are to pay for extra medical bills for the children.

This wonderful family is no stranger to KHC as they are the family of Agnes Spiegel who through her organisation, HORIZONT3000 has been a Technical Support Adviser at KHC for the past 4 years and it is with very heavy hearts that we will be saying goodbye to Agnes when she returns with her husband and daughter to Austria in June.


Left-Right Gerever, Agnes, Diana, Jana HORIZONT3000, Dr Sam, & Ruth.

“My contract with HORIZONT3000  ends in June after almost 4 years and that is why I’m leaving Kawempe Home Care and Uganda with my family.

 ‘I would like to thank the entire KHC staff for the warm welcome, continuous support and assistance!

I experienced a friendly working atmosphere, team work and hospitality. My colleagues were open and interested in our cooperation, willing to share, learn and improve.  Myself, I learnt a lot in terms of implementation and management of projects in the health and social sector. I got to know all the implications of real community based work.

It was very satisfying to work together with the aim to improve the living conditions of our clients. Since I first visited KHC in 2014 to the present day, I am particularly impressed by the respect, seriousness, humor and charity, shown in the work with clients.

To the friends and well-wishers of KHC, I can say: Thank you very much for your support; and the technical support enhancements are in good hands!

It was personally enriching for me to experience how Ugandans master daily challenges with patience and humility while keeping their smiles.  Many Thanks, I will miss you.’ says Agnes.

HORIZONT3000 has been a massive supporter of KHC since 2013, providing Technical Support Advisors who provide wonderful expertise and mentoring to our teams. This support has bought to KHC business protocols, processes and new skills to staff. 

Agnes has been with us for the past 4 years and we will be very sad to say goodbye.  She has made many friends and is well respected by everyone at KHC. Her style is very inclusive and respectful.

We will miss you Agnes and wish you and your family all the best but you will always be in our hearts. Thank you.” says Dr Sam.

 New Arrivals

Congratulations to our new mums and their families.

Patience Orishaba our HR manager gave birth to a bouncing baby boy called Raphael Ssekyanzi and this brings the family total to four boys.

Fatu Loche one of the care takers at the hostel and from the Democratic Republic of Congo gave birth to a little girl named Winnie featured Left.




So Little Can Mean So Much……..

 Did you know that US .65 cents a day can provide an education for a primary school child for 12 months? What a great investment for the future of a child.

Many of us are fortunate that we have had the opportunity to get an education and it is probably something we may have taken for granted. Try and imagine where you would be today if you had not had the opportunity of an education?

One of the keys in battling HIV/AIDS is education. A poorly educated child is at high risk of getting the disease and has little chance of getting out of the poverty he or she grew up in.  One of the major effects of HIV/AIDS is the chronic ill health of the breadwinners. This often means they do not have the funds to support their families let alone pay school fees for their children.

KHC has many disadvantaged children on its waiting list and currently has support for 125 ?? children. We are grateful to our many supporters who are sponsoring these very happy children.

We spoke to two of our sponsors from Australia, Margaret and Chris who currently sponsor 7 children and have done so for the past 10 years.

Why did you get involved in the KHC school fees program?

We understand the value of an education and how in a developing country it can provide children with more options in life. It feels good to be able to give back when we have been so fortunate.

Do you know how the children you sponsor are doing at school?

We enjoy getting the yearly reports to see how the children are progressing and it is about them doing the best they can. In 2014 we went to Uganda and met up with the children we were sponsoring at that time and some of their parents. One young girl who had learning difficulties, since going to school it has given her more confidence. Her grandfather couldn’t stop smiling at how proud he was of her and our help.

What would you say to someone who may be considering sponsoring a child?

Just do it!

Meet one of the children on the KHC school fees waiting list.

Shahid is 9 years old. He was tested positive when he was 2 ½ years old. He acquired HIV through mother to child transmission.

He was in kindergarten until the age of 4 then he had to drop out of school as his mother was unable to pay the school fees. His father passed away in 2017.

Shahid is a bright child though reserved and calm. He would love to go to school.

His mother does casual work at a local food serving point and her work is to transport food to various customers. She earns 4000 Ugandan shillings per day or US$1. This has limited her ability to provide for her children’s basic needs including education.

If you wish to sponsor a child you can contact Alice at 

Let us get a few more children into school during 2019.

We hope you have enjoyed this Update from KHC. If you have any stories you would like us to feature or would like to see more information about other aspects of our organisation, please leave your comments in the section below.

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