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07 Sep

“Our journey began in 2007 with Gerever, Sarah, Alice, John, Anni and I. What a team! We used Anni’s car as our mobile clinic so that we could reach the poorest communities; educate and encourage people to test for HIV/AIDS, which was devastating our communities.

I am extremely proud of what KHC has been able to achieve over the past 10 years and KHC is very grateful to our friends and partners who have been with us on this journey.

Also what makes us who we are and what we have been able to achieve in the communities is our staff. Thank you for your love and support that you provide day in and day out to our clients.

KHC looks forward to another 10 years supporting those in most need and I hope you will continue your journey with us” Dr. Sam.

KHC celebrates 10th Anniversary

To commemorate this milestone, KHC organized several events over 2 days- 27 and 28 July.

On the first day we had a Corporate Social Responsibility event. This event was mainly attended by our friends from the Samaritan Healthcare & Hospice New Jersey, USA and our clients. It started with a health awareness walk from our premises to one of our partner schools, Pimbasi secondary school in Kyebando where we conducted a medical camp. There were over 400 participants in the walk.



Activities included blood donations conducted by the Uganda blood bank, HIV counselling and testing, HPV vaccination for ten-year-old girls for prevention of cervical cancer.

We also donated 10 cans of paint for the school (Right)



Our staff, students and friends donated 41 units of blood (Far Left: Dr Sam generously giving blood ) and 19 young girls received HPV vaccine and 241 students were counselled and tested HIV negative.

The celebrations ended with cutting the anniversary cake which was shared with all the clients.

Day 2.

The New Hope Children’s hostel was officially opened by Dr. Noleb Mugisha  from the Uganda Cancer Institute. (Left shaking hands with Dr Sam) Each year in Uganda 40,000 children undergo cancer treatment, and many are from extremely poor families which means that when the children are undergo treatment they are unable to provide basic needs for themselves.

Our New Hope hostel helps these families with accommodation, meals, therapy and transport to the hospital for treatment.

To date we have been able to support 139 children and their carers.

KHC was privileged to have as the guest of honour, Dr. Umaru Ssekabira (Left) Head of Training IDI, who represented IDI’s Executive Director . He commended KHC on the good work being done and confirmed  that KHC had been offered a 5 year extension of the grant-IDI- Kampala HIV care and treatment project.   Our Special Guest Dr. Donna Kabatesi (Program Manager from Centre for Diseases Control) said ‘the mode of service at KHC is in line with the long partnership of CDC through the IDI consortium. This partnership with IDI should be used effectively in order to partner with other community based organisations that are struggling to provide services to the community.’

Our friends arrive from USA

Several years ago KHC entered into a partnership with Samaritan Healthcare &Hospice. Over time, this partnership has grown and includes exchange visits every two years. We were very pleased to welcome  Linda Brennan, Kristen Cole, Andrea Dean, Susan Kupersmith,  Meena Edwards and her son Stephen. It was a wonderful 10 days with our friends. We are very grateful for their kindness and generosity towards our orphans and vulnerable children whom they support with school fees, and are ambassadors for our Beads for Education project – just to name some of the wonderful support they provide.

Left: The Samaritans learning how to make recycled paper beads in our gift shop.

(Left) Kristen Cole making a presentation about paediatric care during Case conference at KHC.

 (L-R) Linda, Andrea, Mary and Sarah (KHC) opening gifts for the children brought by the Samaritans.


(Left) Meena and Phiona (Hostel nurse) dressing a wound of one of the children with cancer at the New Hope hostel.


During the celebrations KHC founder members, partners and friends were awarded with certificates in recognition and appreciation for their tremendous contribution to the growth and development of KHC over the past 10 years. In particular we would like to acknowledge our partners: Ministry of Health; Centre for Diseases Control; Infectious Diseases Institute; Hope for Children; HorizonT3000; Samaritan Healthcare & Hospice; African Palliative Care Association; Palliative Care Association of Uganda; Uganda Cancer Institute; and CDC/PEPFAR.

We would also like to thank other partners and friends who contributed to our anniversary activities: HEMA Water; ICEA; AAR Health Care; Coca Cola; Redeemed Christian Church of Christ; and Margie Collection.

Honoured by visit

Early in July, we were very pleased to welcome Donald Mc Neil a global health and science journalist from the New York Times. He is notably one of the key people that in early 2000 drove the campaign to lower the price of HIV medicines. He is currently focused on cancer as the next global health priority for Africa.

Also with Donald Mc Neil was  Megan O’Brien (Managing Director of Treat the Pain/Global Cancer Treatment from the American Cancer society) and Rinty Kintu (National Coordinator for Uganda Global Health Cancer Treatment, American Cancer Society).

The purpose of the visit was to share ideas about advocacy and creation of increased awareness about cancer in Uganda.


Generous support

In July Filipino Catholic Priest, Rev. Fr. Raymond Kalanzi from Mother  Theresa Ministries came to KHC. He has been living in Uganda for some time and has a passion for helping disadvantaged children.

His team prepared for the children at the New Hope hostel,  children on our Orphans and Vulnerable Children programs and patients, a meal and also donated 11 sacks of clothes and shoes. We are very grateful for their kindness and generosity. The children had a great time.


KHC is delighted to welcome six new employees to the team. They bring with them a wealth of experience that will add value to the services KHC provides the community.

(L –R) Dr. Bertha Kinyatta, Kevin Mugisa (Counsellor), Gloria Owomugisha (Accounts Assistant), Jackie Masaba (Counselling Coordinator), Diana Nkurinzinza (Monitoring and Evaluation Coordinator), Finian Rukundo (Data Clerk)

Diana Nkurinzinza, an information systems professional is our new Monitoring and Evaluation Officer. She will be managing and evaluating projects progress and reporting. She has previously worked as a data manager in Mubende Regional Hospital under Sustain Health Partnerships Project and as a data officer with Infectious Diseases Institute.

Dr. Kinyatta Bertha is our new medical officer, She is a graduate from Kampala International University with a Bachelor Degree in Medicine and Surgery. She will be responsible for clinical consultations & mentoring the home care medical team’s holistic care to clients.

Finian Rukundo is our new data clerk. He is a new graduate from Kyabogo University with a Bachelor Degree in Economics and Statistics.

Gloria Owomugisha is our new accounts assistant. She is a new graduate from university but who has done finance internships with Rifo Lift Services and Trace Jimmy Consults Auditors.

Masaba Jackie is our new counselling coordinator. She is a graduate from Kyambogo University and a specialist in HIV Testing and Counselling. She has extensive experience  with  Infectious Diseases Institute especially in managing most at risk populations. She will be working directly with our clients and community volunteers.

 Mugisa Kevin will be working with the medical team as a counsellor. He has had extensive experience in his field.

I hope you have enjoyed reading about what has been happening at KHC. As always any suggestions on what you would like to hear more about please let us know through our comments portal.

Until next time…






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  1. Carol Menzies September 10, 2017 at 6:09 pm #

    Congratulations Dr Sam to you and your wonderful team. You have achieved so much for your clients. I love being associated with KHC you inspire me.
    Regards Carol

  2. Sarah Komugisha September 10, 2017 at 7:23 am #

    A lot has been done and many more are coming, i have enjoyed reading the blog and i wish every body the best as we continue helping the poor to enjoy life to its fullness.
    Sarah Komugisha.

  3. Margrethe Juncker September 8, 2017 at 4:29 pm #

    What a celebration of 10 years of fantastic work! Congratulations, KHC – Thank you for all what yu are doing , and looking forward to working with you for many years to come. With much love, Margrethe

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