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09 Sep

Greetings to all our friends and partners,

As Covid19 continues to spread, the future has never felt so unpredictable. These are challenging times for us all and we hope you’re in good spirits and health!

Right now, at Kawempe Home Care we’re doing everything possible to sustain daily operations and especially keeping the New Hope Children’s hostel running so we can continue to help children living with cancer to access treatment.

While there’s a lot of uncertainty, we know that we need to adapt fast to our changing reality.

Our staff have been amazing in continuing to provide those in need with support and care especially during this difficult time. A big thank you for their dedication to our patients.

Face Masks to Protect You

A face mask is just one tool in fighting the spread of the virus. Staying inside and physically distancing is ideal, but if you can’t do that, wearing a face mask provides a physical barrier to the virus.

And if you are going to wear a mask why not make it a fashion statement.

Our tailoring team are making and selling cotton masks that are stylish, sustainable, washable and therefore, reusable with a triple layer and at a very reasonable price.

Our masks sell for 5,000 UGX or US$2.00 each (but it does not include DHL delivery costs). However, if you order 1000 masks you will only pay for 50% of the delivery costs.

The money raised from the masks will provide our tailors with an income to support their families and also help us to provide the basic needs for the children’s hostel.

If you would like to help us to distribute our masks or would like to keep family and friends safe by giving them a mask, please contact Ruth at with the number of masks you would like and where you would like them shipped to and Ruth will then provide you with a quote and payment options.

One of our volunteers has approached a clothing retailer to sell the masks in their store and their online shop. Not only would the retailor have a unique product to sell but also assist children to access treatment for their cancer. A win/ win. 

SCOGA Comes to the Rescue

A group of amazing women who went to St Cecilia secondary school together, set up an association called SCOGA. They have been very supportive of KHC programs.

Recently Correta, seen here with Henrieta, donated  to the New Hope Children’s hostel some much needed food. The 100kg of maize flour and 50kg of rice was gratefully received. Thank you very much.  

KHC Now a Partner with GlobalGiving

This group is the largest crowdfunding community that connects non-profits, donors and companies throughout the world. They provide immeasurable support with access to marketing tools and participation in campaigns.

A big thank you to those who supported our initial campaign to become a partner with GlobalGiving.  We raised US$7,674 in 3 months towards our yearly goal of US$45,000 with 78 individuals donating to this campaign. A special thanks to our Australian friends who really got behind this campaign. At the end of the month a quarterly report will be available on the portal showing how the funds were spent.

This relationship with GlobalGiving enables us to participate in fundraising campaigns where GlobalGiving will match or provide limited funds to a campaign that runs for a limited time.

Kawempe Home Care plans to be associated with 3 campaigns a year.

There is a new campaign starting very soon and we hope you can join in. It is:  Littlexlittle Campaign runs from Monday 14 September 9:00am until 11:59pm on Friday 18 September (ET)


The focus for us is to raise funds to buy food for the New Hope Children’s hostel. We have been fortunate in the past that many of our friends were able to donate food and other basic needs for the children and their caregivers. But many are feeling the financial strain of being unable to work and so we need to ask for help to buy food.

In this short campaign there is an added incentive to donate as donations up to US$50 donated by each unique donor, GlobalGiving will match at 50%.

For example if you donate US$30 GlobalGiving will donate US$15.

Or if during this campaign you become a monthly donor again donations up to US$50, GlobalGiving will match at 50% also, as long as the monthly donation remains active for minimum of four payments, there is a 100% monthly matchup.

With these incentives it means your donation will go even further. So, what better time to donate than now!

I hope you can help us.

Simply go to our campaign page.

Some Interesting Facts:

  • The price of a cappuccino in a café would buy 3 meals for a child and their caregiver staying at our hostel.
  • Over a third of the food produced in the world is lost or wasted. (Equates to 1.3 billion tons a year)
  • The world’s 8 richest billionaires control the same wealth as the poorest half of the globe’s population.
  • USA has highest average for calories consumed per day with 3,770 and the lowest is an Africa country with 1,590 calories per day. Children aged 6-12 years to grow and develop and depending on their activity, need about 1600-2200 calories per day.

Rotary Cancer Fun Run with a Difference

Some of our staff participated in a fun run to raise money for cancer treatment. Or should I say a virtual run on Sunday August 30.

Due to Covid19 social distancing was achieved by encouraging participants to do any form of exercise from their home or neighbourhood.

KHC staff bought Cancer face masks and gathered for few hours do stretching and exercises. It was very relaxing, refreshing, and fun. They all received certificates of participation.

Well done girls!

Good News Story

Many of us have been fortunate in our lives to have had supportive parents, a roof over our heads, access to food, an education and many other opportunities. It is often difficult to relate to people who struggle with everyday life and at times be judgemental.

Meet one of our client’s – KS who had many problems in her life but the good news is she has come through it all. This is her story.

KS was a sex worker and mother of 5 children. She became very ill and was unable to work and relied on a friend for food and shelter. KHC community team were testing people for HIV and they were taken to KS’ home.  She was tested HIV positive and started antiretroviral therapy treatment.

“I didn’t think there was a cure and so I took off and after a year of stopping the treatment I became ill again. I could not eat as I had sores in my mouth, severe diarrhea and a cough. I could not go back home because I did not want my children to see me. Friends took me to KHC and the clinic restarted my treatment, visited me at home and provided counselling on taking the treatment so that I could have a better life.” she says.

KHC helped KS to link up with her family but she found it difficult to leave behind her past life of the drugs and alcohol.

“One day my counsellor told me ‘behavioural change’ is the only solution to having a better life with my family and it will take time. I am now a mother at home and I am very thankful that KHC was there for me and bought me back to life” KS says.

This is how your support and friendship make a difference.

Please stay safe and healthy and don’t forget these little guys also need to stay healthy so that they can continue their treatment.

Until next time………

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