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Kawempe Home Care
makes a difference

Providing free medical and care to disadvantaged people living with HIV/AIDS, TB and or cancer, ..

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Kawempe Home Care
makes a difference

providing children with cancer access to treatment and for children who are orphaned
or vulnerable, access to an education and

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Kawempe Home Care
makes a difference

.. empowering clients to support their families through our income generating programs.

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About Us

Kawempe Home Care (KHC) is a community based, non-governmental organisation in Uganda that began its journey in 2007 by a group of devoted health professionals…

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Thank You for providing food for the children.

The @GlobalGiving LittlexLittle fund raising campaign from 18 Sept to 22 Sept, raised for the New Hope Children’s hostel US$434 from 7 supporters. Thank you for your kind donation, which was matched 50% by GlobalGiving.

The funds will go towards our monthly grocery bill, to provided meals for the children and their caregivers. 

Every little bit counts.




Did you know that US .74 cents a day will educate a primary school child for a year?

Not a bad investment. 

Many of us are fortunate that we have had the opportunity to get an education and it is probably something we may have taken for granted. Try and imagine where you would be now if you had not had an education?

For many children in developing countries, education may be free, but the hurdles are school fees that must be paid before a child can attend school, as well as a school uniform and scholastic materials.

Educating all of our children must be one of our most urgent priorities. We all know that education, more than anything else, improves your chances of building better lives.” — Nelson Mandela.

I think you will agree that .74 cents a day is a small price to donate to provide a child with an education for a year. 

The children that are on our KHC Education program are orphaned or vulnerable and their carers are unable to pay the fees to send them to school.  If you would like to help one of the children on our waiting list have a better future than contact Alice at: or you can find out more here.