Kawempe Home Care makes a difference.

Providing free medical and care to disadvantaged people living with HIV/AIDS, TB and or cancer; an education for children who are orphaned or vulnerable; and empowering clients through our income generating programs.

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About Us

Kawempe Home Care (KHC) is a private not-for- profit, community organisation in Uganda. KHC is unique in its approach, providing the most disadvantaged people in the community with medical treatment but also psychological, emotional and social support. KHC is committed to preventing the further spread of TB and HIV in the community.   Read more

How We Help

There are many issues facing our clients such as lack of food, unable to work, unable to pay school fees for their children and poor social support. Our services provide a holistic approach to assist them to manage these problems. One of the new projects we are extremely excited about is the New Hope Hostel for children who have cancer. This video provides a brief overview of the support provided to these very vulnerable children and their parents/ guardians at such a difficult time.

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Consultant Requried for Interesting Project

Kawempe Home Care requires the services of a consultant to conduct background assessment and facilitate and develop our 5 year Strategic Plan (2019-2023).

This overview of the project provides a comprehensive guide on our requirements.

Interested individuals or companies will be required to send a cover letter, a CV of the consultant, technical or methodology proposal, and include a proposed plan for the project with timelines and the consulting fee.

The closing date for your application is 4:00pm Friday 14 December 2018. Email your application to admin@kawempehomecare.org with a copy to sguma@kawempehomecare.org