Kawempe Home Care makes a difference.

Providing free medical and care to disadvantaged people living with HIV/AIDS, TB and or cancer; an education for children who are orphaned or vulnerable; and empowering clients through our income generating programs.

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About Us

Kawempe Home Care (KHC) is a private not-for- profit, community organisation in Uganda. KHC is unique in its approach, providing the most disadvantaged people in the community with medical treatment but also psychological, emotional and social support. KHC is committed to preventing the further spread of TB and HIV in the community.   Read more

New Hope for Children with Cancer

Our New Hope Children’s hostel assists many regional families who are disadvantaged, to relieve their anxiety and trauma as they are not only dealing with having a child suffering from a terrible disease - cancer but without our support they are unable to access the oncology services the child needs to try and fight this disease.

Our hostel needs the support of people like you to continue this vital service. We need help with providing food, accommodation, medical supplies and daily transport to and from the hospital for treatment.

The New Hope Children's hostel Supporters' Club was recently launched to try and generate a regular income stream to assist with the basic costs for running the hostel. Why not join in this fight to help these amazing children.

This Christmas Give a Gift That Keeps on Giving…….

Millions of gifts given at Christmas are unwanted gifts that end up in cupboards, charity shops, sold online, or are just thrown out and end up as landfill.

It’s time to find a new approach to gift giving.

If you have family or friends that are difficult to buy for or say they have everything they need, then they may appreciate our Christmas Gift Certificate that supports our children with cancer.

A special gift for that special person.

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