Kawempe Home Care makes a difference.

Providing free medical and care to disadvantaged people living with HIV/AIDS, TB and or cancer; an education for children who are orphaned or vulnerable; and empowering clients through our income generating programs.

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Their strength will make a grown person cry

Help Poor Children with Cancer to Access Treatment

‘What I am looking forward to is finishing my treatment, going home and then back to school. I would like to become a lawyer. Those who thought I would die will see me celebrate many more birthdays!’ says Amina

All children need is a little help, a little hope and someone who believes in them.


We need your help

'When someone has cancer, the whole family and everyone who loves them does too.'

New Hope Children’s hostel helps disadvantaged rural families whose children have cancer, access to cancer treatment. Many of these children’s families do not have the money for accommodation and meals and therefore have to forego treatment for their child, which can then lead to the child’s death. The New Hope Children’s hostel can support up to 30 children and their caregivers at any one time to access their specialist treatment.

To provide this much needed service we need your help to keep it going.


GlobalGiving is a non-profit crowdfunding platform that connects charities with international donors and companies.

For KHC to join the GlobalGiving network, we have to show that we have community support for our hostel.  To do this we need to have a funding campaign, which is run through their platform.

Our objective is to raise a minimum of US$5,000 from 40 donors, for the period 8 June-26 June 2020.

Once we have achieved this KHC will then have access to GlobalGiving network platform of donors and this we believe will assist us to access an income stream to run the hostel.

As little as US$25 will help us towards achieving this goal.

 Your family can help another family.