New Hope Hostel

New Hope for Children with Cancer

KHC in October 2016 embarked on an exciting journey partnering with  Kindern Eine Chance, an Austrian organisation, to assist children with cancer by providing support through the New Hope Children’s Hostel.

This partnership will greatly reduce the untold suffering that many disadvantaged children experience as they try to access cancer treatment. Currently children from all over Uganda can only get access to cancer treatment at the Uganda Cancer Institute in Kampala. Many children receiving out-patient treatment are forced to spend 2-3 months residing on the verandas of the cancer wards as they receive their chemotherapy treatment. This is mainly because they cannot afford accommodation and food in the nearby hotels, guest houses etc. Some children therefore fail to start or complete their treatment due to financial hardships.

The New Hope Children’s Hostel provides these children with access to specialist care as we can accommodate 30 children and their guardian’s at any given time. The support provides accommodation, meals, counselling, nursing care, legal aid, educational play sessions and daily transport to the Uganda Cancer Institute at Mulago hospital so that the children can access their treatment. The children are referred to KHC by the Uganda Cancer Institute.

Together with Kindern Erine Chance and Red Charity we are very pleased to be at the forefront of such an important service and we hope that this program sets a precedent for more nursing homes and hostels for children with cancer.

In May 2018 the New Hope Children’s Hostel was recognised as a “Centre of Excellence” by the American Cancer Society. To receive this recognition a hostel had to meet minimum standards required for a hostel supporting people with cancer. The New Hope Children’s Hostel attained the minimum standards and even exceeded them because of the provision of the extra palliative care services like psychotherapy, counselling and legal aid support.