Education Sponsor


So little can mean so much – US .65 cents a day can provide an education for a primary school student for 12 months. Meet some of the children who could do with your help.

Halima is 7 years old and has four siblings. Her mother is a patient of KHC and her father abandoned the family as he refused to test for HIV and he assumed that mother’s who were HIV would give birth to positive children and he could not take care of the children who he believed would die very soon.

As the family is struggling, Halima cannot go to school and is still in kindergarten. She is constantly sent back home to get the money for the school fees which the mother cannot pay.

Education sponsor

Education is very important to the parents/guardians as they see it as an opportunity for their children to get out of the poverty, he or she grew up in.

How does the Education Support Program help the children?

• Provides the children with the opportunity to have a better future. • The children are given emotional support to help them deal with the stigma associated with the illness. • Helps their self esteem • They can enjoy being a child by playing and participating in school activities.

How much does it cost to sponsor a child?

The average school  fee per year for: Primary school student is: Euro €196 / GB £172 / US $240. Secondary school student is Euro € 293/ GB £257 / US $360.

How is your donation used?

• Pays the school fees; provides a school uniform; basic school supplies; and at least one hot meal a day. (Primary school children also need to provide a broom and two rolls of toilet paper). • Regular visits by KHC staff at home and school. • Special support for grandmothers who care for their grandchildren. • Saturday club for children to build their confidence through discussions and games.

What involvement will you have?

KHC will provide you with regular information about the progress of the sponsored child. If you wish to correspond with the sponsored child, Kawempe Home Care Education Officer will be happy to manage this with you and the family.

How do you sponsor a child?

We currently have 106 children in the program, 57 girls and 49 boys. However, we still have over 95 children on our waiting list. If you wish to sponsor a child’s education, simply contact us – you will make a big difference to one of the children’s lives. Meet some of the children on our waiting list.