Social Support


Life changing projects empowering clients to generate an income and provide for their families.

Social Support

The income generated from KHC client projects, enables clients to provide school fees for their children, adequate nourishment for their families and improved health status.

Tailoring Project

KHC last year developed a business case to develop a tailoring business for clients. We started with 3 machines and due to the wonderful support of friends who provided equipment, training and 7 new sewing machines and a new embroidery machine.

Through Samaritan President Mary Ann Boccolini’s affiliation with the Moorestown Lunchtime Rotary Club and with the assistance of 5 other Rotary branches, recently raised funds for 10 new sewing machines and training for 10 new clients. This will provide an incredible boost to the capabilities of this project.

The tailors are paid a fixed price on the goods they produce. At the moment most of the sales are from the local market. We have many different types of colourful bags made from African material. Our seller is school bags but we also produce various sizes of ladies’ hand bags, computer bags, conference bags, baby bags, gym and yoga bags.

‘I am 39 years old and have four children, 2 boys and 2 girls. I went to school up to primary seven. After testing HIV at KHC, I noticed that there was a tailoring workshop at the clinic. I spoke to a social worker who introduced me to Ruth (Skills and Development Manager) and I asked if I could be trained in tailoring. After a few months training I was equipped with new skills and joined the team. I am very grateful to God and KHC for the opportunity to take care of my family, buy food and pay school fees for my children.’ 


Beads for Education

One of the biggest concerns expressed by our clients, is the worry of not being able to send their children to school due to financial hardship.
Our Beads for Education program aims to create sustainable income generating opportunities for KHC clients through bead making. KHC provides them with access to peer-to-peer training and purchases the handmade beads directly from the beaders and markets them through their Bead Ambassadors.

If you would like to become a Bead Ambassador and sell this unique jewellery – find out more. 


Piggery Project

This project was supported by the Innocent Foundation UK who gave us a grant to expand the project so that more families could earn a living through raising pigs.
Today 100 clients have benefited from this project and continue to support their families.

Mushroom Project
The Innocent Foundation also provided a grant to enable us to expand our initial mushroom pilot and 50 clients participated. The clients were provided with training on how to grow the mushrooms as well as given materials  to start their mushroom farms. The mushrooms provide a valuable income stream for these clients.


Support Programs

Our community is made up of mainly low income or extremely poor people and once they become ill they face not only financial hardship but also social and psychological problems. We have established a number of programs to help mitigate these challenges:

Nutritional Support – We provide weekly rations of posho, beans, rice and sugar to patients in most need that are suffering from malnutrition, poor social support and household poverty – unfortunately due to the limited resources we have to have strict criteria as to whom we can provide this support.

Grant Support– KHC provides grants to clients when funding allows, enabling them to become self-sufficient through starting up small businesses such as a clothes business; food stalls; or selling charcoal. Clients who are very poor and destitute are provided with basic needs like food, shelter and clothing. This small financial help greatly assists the clients and enables them to live with some dignity.

Education Support – Our Home Education Support program provides for the most disadvantaged children; those who are HIV positive, or children of HIV positive parents/guardians, the opportunity to go to school. Assistance is given through paying the school fees, providing school materials such as pens, books, uniforms and one meal a day at the school.

Find out how you can play a role in assisting this very worthy program.