How the beads are made

How are the beads made?

Our bead makers collect colourful recycled paper, usually in the form of old calendars, cereal boxes, pamphlets or magazines, which are then skilfully cut into a series of small triangular shapes.
These shapes are tightly rolled and glued, to form a unique bead shape and colour before being strung and coated with a minimum of four coats of quality varnish. The result is a unique piece of jewellery.



Wear them. Empower them.

‘Every time I wear the jewellery I get compliments! It is also a good feeling knowing the money is going to provide children with the opportunity to go to school.’ – Laurel

‘It is hard to believe it is made from recycled paper, the beads are great gifts especially as you can buy matching earrings, necklace and bracelet.’ – Margaret

‘I am 23 and a mother of three children. I left school in primary four after the death of my father. I had my first child when I was 13. Later I got married and had another child but at the age of 2 years he was not walking or talking so I took him for an HIV test and the result was positive. We separated and I went back home with the children, to live with my mother. Twelve months later I had a skin problem and had a HIV test which was positive and so I was started on the drugs.
My neighbor’s suggested I get treatment from KHC, which was nearby and I didn’t require transport. When I enrolled I was told about the project that trained clients in bead making and so I did the training. I feel good as I am adhering to the medication and the money I get from making beads helps pay for the school fees and buy food, and clothing. I now have a future with my children.’