Our merchandise is made from African fabric which is sourced locally. The fabric is light, washable and comes in beautiful colours. Please note the price quoted is in US$ and does not include handling & postage costs.



BP1 XXLarge $25
BP2 XLarge $20
BP2 back view
BP3 Large
BP3 Large $12
BP4 medium $10
BP5 Mini $7
BP6 Drawstring $15

BP6 front view
BP7 Travel back pack $15

General Bags

GB1 Cross bags $8
GB2 handbag $10
GB3 Purses $6
GB4 Bum bags $7
GB5 Computer bag $15
GB6 Laptop medium $12
GB7 Travel bag $15
GB7 Travel bag $15


Acc1 stuff toys $3



Acc2 Throw-pillows $5
Acc3 Masks $3
Acc4 shopping bag $8


Our jewellery is made from recycled paper and below are just some examples of the jewellery we make. 

NS001 Single strand $10
NS002 Single strand $10
NS003 Triple flower $12
NS004 Single strand $8
NL200 Long strand $12
NL201 Rosery beads $10
BS300 Bracelet single $3
BS301 Single long $3
BS302 Triple strand $3
E400 Loop earrings $4
E401 Drop earrings $4
E402 Cone earrings $4
E403 Drop earrings $4
MS500 Matching set $15
MS501 Matching set $15

If you would like to place an order or receive a quotation please complete the form and we will contact you within 24 hours.

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