Our Team

Our team of professionals is dedicated to providing the care and support to people who are in need of our services.

Our Team

Our Board

The Kawempe Home Care Board is made up of a group of very established business people who provide great support and guidance to our organisation.

Mr Aloysius Byaruhanga Mwesigwa – Chairman

Under his guidance as Chairman of the KHC Board for the past 6 years, KHC has become a competent organisation.
Mr Aloysius Byaruhanga Mwesigwa has over 15 years’ experience as a Procurement specialist and is currently Deputy Director Procurement Audit and Investigations Department with the Regulatory Authority (PPDA) of all government Procurements and Disposals. He was a Founder and Chairman/Business Developments Director of Comac Services Group.
He is also Founder Member of Multilink-Consult Ltd which specialises in Real Estate Development and Property Management.

His interest is in helping the local community through awareness, and economic enhancement, to enable increased household incomes.

Dr Victor Musiime, (MBChB, MMED, PhD)

Dr Victor Musiime is a Paediatrician and since 2004 has been conducting clinical care and research among HIV-infected children. He is a Senior Lecturer at Makerere University, College of Health Sciences, Department of Paediatrics and Child Health, Kampala, Uganda; and an Investigator on various research protocols at Joint Clinical Research Centre, in Kampala. He has been on the Kawempe Home Care Board for the past 6 years and his experience particularly with children who are HIV-infected, provides valuable advice to our clinical teams.

Mr Nathan Wasolo

Nathan Wasolo is currently Managing Director of ConSol Uganda Ltd, a company providing consulting and training services. Prior to this he worked for 18 years in the pharmaceutical industry, rising from a medical representative through country manager Uganda and finally Route to Market Lead, East Africa.


  • Leading business growth tenfold in Uganda.
  • A member of the steering committee that launched Pneumococcal vaccine introduction into the universal mass vaccination program by UNEPI in 2013.
  • A global award for helping formulate a solution that led to improved distribution in the region.

Nathan undertook his undergraduate studies in Biochemistry/Chemistry at Kenyatta University and later completed his MBA at Makerere University Business School. He is a 2013 Tutu Fellow and a member of the steering committee Africa List Uganda. He brings a wealth of experience to the Board.

Nathan’s hobbies include reading, farming, and sports and has previously volunteered as Vice President, Uganda Rugby Union.

Simon Peter Bwete – Board Client Representative

Simon is 22 years old has been a client of KHC since 2007. He was a beneficiary of the Beads for Education program and was able to complete secondary school. He recently completed a certificate in electrical installation and his fees were provided by a sponsor. He hopes to upgrade to a diploma and Bachelor level in electrical engineering. He is also a peer educator for the KHC Teens Club and Kalimarimba’s, providing valuable adherence counselling and living positively.

In 2014 Simon was appointed to the KHC Board as the KHC client representative. This is an important role as it provides the Board with the client perspective of our services. It is also a wonderful opportunity for Simon to learn new business skills.

Our Staff

Kawempe Home Care is run by a dedicated team of experienced staff and community volunteers, many of whom are current clients.
We have a team of 50 staff and community volunteers and 1 international volunteer.

Samuel Guma – Co- Founder, Executive Director & Ex-officio Board Member (MB.ChB, MPH, Dip Palliative Medicine.)

As one of the founding members of Kawempe Home Care, Dr Guma played a major role in designing, planning and implementing the program.

He has extensive experience in providing holistic care for people with HIV/AIDS and or cancer; training health workers in comprehensive HIV care and palliative care; and treating patients with antiretroviral therapy.

Dr Guma is recognised as an expert in Palliative Care and he has presented at international conferences on this topic. He is also a Board Member of Palliative Care Association in Uganda.

‘I am very proud of our staff and community volunteers and what we have achieved in such a short time. One of my goals is to raise funds to build our own clinic so that we can provide more clients with quality care.’


Gerever Niwagaba – Program Manager & Ex-officio Board Member (MPP, B.Ph, Dip Religious & Philosophical Studies)

Gerever is founding member of KHC and currently holds the position of Program Manager. He has extensive experience in the health care industry and has been involved in managing several large and small scale public health and social enterprise development projects over the years. He is a serving President of Wide Vision Investment Club Ltd, co founder and a member of the Board of Trustees St Mary’s College Kanungu, and a board member of the Palliative Care Association of Uganda (PCAU).

‘My colleagues have the spirit of doing whatever they can to provide our clients with support and care. Seeing clients who had lost hope, then get better and recover gives me the joy and makes a great environment in which to work.’


Patricia Nafuna – Administration and Finance Manager

Having a passion for numbers was the sole reason Patricia ended up with a qualification in accounting and finance. She has extensive experience in this area and built her career, starting as a cashier and making her way through the ranks to where she is today.

‘Working with KHC has given me a whole new perspective with regards to a working environment: Apart from the professional relationship I have with my colleagues there is also a great personal relationship, team work is paramount and when you need assistance you are sure to get it.’

Sarah Komugisha – Medical Services Manager

Sarah’s family are health workers and her career path was formed early in her life. She is a founding member of KHC and at the time she joined KHC, she had a diploma in Mental Health and had just completed her training in Comprehensive HIV Care. She was able to put to good use her skills in assisting people living with HIV/AIDS. She has recently qualified with a Bachelor of Nursing degree.

‘Working at KHC has made a big difference in my life. I like what I am doing and the work environment is good. Everyone is encouraged to share their views and opinions.’


Alicitidia Tusiimemukama – Community & Social Support Manager

Alice is a qualified counsellor and has a Masters in NGO Management. She is a founding member of KHC and when she heard KHC was helping the poor in the community and was looking for volunteers, she saw an opportunity to put her counselling skills to good use, even though at the beginning there was no salary.

‘I have recently changed roles and manage the social and community support programs. I am enjoying the challenges and of particular interest is our education support program, which we have for children who are orphaned and vulnerable.’

KHC Community Volunteers – VICTASS (Volunteer in Care and Treatment of AIDS, TB and cancer Support System), This amazing group of people are very active in the communities and provide a very valuable service to those patients who require home nursing care.

They  work with the local community to identify sick people suffering in their homes and they have achieved great inroads with clients in adherence to drugs; education; and reduction of the stigma associated with the illness. Most clients now feel able to talk about HIV without fear of discrimination.

Ben became a community volunteer at KHC in 2012. The area he covers is made up of three big slums and one of the villages he visits has a high percentage of sex workers of which some are KHC clients.  Ben talks to the sex workers and provides information about HIV/AIDS. It is important that he gains their trust.

 He recalls an incident when he was arrested by the police when he was visiting KHC clients as they thought he was a client of the women. He however explained to the police that he works with KHC as a community volunteer and has to visit clients in their home to support and monitor their adherence. After showing his Identification Card and clients’ monitoring forms he was believed.

 “I always expected this to happen since this area is dangerous and fortunately I carry my work identification.  This place has poor sanitation, thugs, impassable during the wet season and therefore it’s always hard to pay a home visit to a bedridden client. It does not even have any open space for us to put tents for community testing especially when they need the service so much. There are many people who still do not have any knowledge about HIV/AIDS.  It is our duty to advise them on the dangers and how to prevent the spread of the disease.

The work is hard but I will continue with it as I have had someone who helped me with my struggle with my health.”