Who We Are

We began with an old car as the mobile clinic and five volunteers.

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Kawempe Home Care was started in July 2007 by a group of devoted health professionals, as they saw a need to provide medical support for the most disadvantaged people in the community. The community we support is in the Kawempe division of the Kampala district and Nangabo sub-county in the Wakiso district.
With the increase in awareness of our services in the community more clients are coming to KHC for help. It is important we continue to be proactive in encouraging people in the community to come to us for HIV and or TB testing so we can detect the illness as early as possible.


Kawempe Home Care due to the Covid19 pandemic, has experienced difficultly in providing full care to our clients due to the lockdowns and financial constraints. However, we have kept our doors open and during March 2020 and March 2021 we have provided assistance to:

  • 4500 people were counselled and tested for HIV of which 132 (2.9%) were positive and enrolled into care.
  • 2358 active clients of whom 94%  are adults and 6% are children under 19 years.
  • 2358 clients are receiving Antiretroviral Therapy (ART) and 71 clients are currently on TB treatment.
  • 200 Home Based Care visits were made of which 29 were emergency cases.
  • 27 clients who have cancer, are receiving palliative care.
  • 25 female clients were screened for cervical cancer.
  • Family Planning project with the cooperation of Sustain Health Partnership (UK), has strengthen the program to increase Family Planning access to 2670 disadvantaged girls and women.
  •  46 women are on our Elimination of Mother to Child Transmission program.
  •  76 Orphan & Vulnerable children (OVC) participate in our OVC programs. 71 children are receiving education support and 38 are on our Day Care program.

What we have been able to achieve so far would not have been possible without the wonderful financial and the in- kind support of our friends and partners.

To find out more about what we have achieved please read our latest Annual Report (April 2020 – March 2021)

Our vision

A vibrant self-sustaining centre of excellence, providing compassionate healthcare.

Our mission

To deliver quality healthcare to people with HIV, TB, Cancer and other health related issues through community based holistic care models.

Our goals

  1. Comprehensive care and support for people with HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis and other health related issues.
  2. Comprehensive care for orphans and vulnerable children.
  3. Patient support and Palliative care for people with cancer.
  4. Advocacy for improved healthcare.
  5. Building capacity for Organisational Sustainability, including establishing a home for KHC.

Our core values 

Compassionate care; honesty & integrity; accountability & transparency; excellence; non-discrimination/ respect for each other; commitment to empowering and developing people to their optimum potential.

‘I had been ill with malaria and was coughing. I went to a clinic and was tested HIV positive. As the clinic could not take on any new patients I was referred to KHC. I was tested at KHC for TB and it came back positive. I was then enrolled on the HIV and TB care program. I received counselling and was given information about TB and HIV. A KHC community volunteer came to my home to help me take my medicines and taught me the importance of good adherence and how not to infect my relatives and other people in the community with the TB. I am very grateful for the support I have been given and the care shown to me – Thank you KHC.’ Robert age 30. Robert has recovered from his TB and is receiving treatment for HIV.