Help us to serve our community better. 

Kawempe Home Care depends on the generosity of people like you so that we can continue the work we do in the community.

There are many ways you can help make a difference.

  • You can sponsor the education of one of the orphan and vulnerable children on our waiting list.
  • Support a KHC project eg Day Care service for children with HIV.
  • Provide in-kind donations such as food or clothing for the children with cancer that stay at our New Hope Children’s Hostel during their treatment.
  • Make a contribution to help us buy our own permanent home as we need more space and want a secure future for the organisation to continue the work that we do on behalf of our patients.
  • Join our New Hope hostel Supporter’s Club the money provides food support and other necessary items for the children at the hostel.

We have many worthwhile projects that can benefit from your support.

KHC Now a Partner with GlobalGiving

This group is the largest crowdfunding community that connects non-profits, donors and companies throughout the world. They provide immeasurable support with access to marketing tools and participation in campaigns.

This relationship with GlobalGiving enables us to participate in fundraising campaigns where GlobalGiving will match or provide limited funds to a campaign that runs for a limited time. KHC plans to be associated with 3 campaigns a year.

The focus for our 12-month project which began in June 2020, is to raise funds to buy food for the New Hope Children’s hostel.  We have been fortunate in the past that many of our friends were able to donate food and other basic needs for the children and their caregivers but with the pandemic it has impacted many people worldwide who are themselves struggling.

If you want to know more about this project go to Help Poor Children with Cancer to Access Treatment – GlobalGiving

KHC will be holding fund raising events throughout the year and we hope you too will be able to contribute.

Payment Options: 

Mobile Money for Local Users: The popular local money transfer option is Mobile Money.  In Uganda our providers are:

MTN Mobile Money – 0789700125

MTN MOMO Pay- Merchant Code: 320162

Bank Transfer: You can send your donation through a bank transfer to KHC. 

Money order: Please make the order to “Kawempe Home Care” with details of how the donation is to be used and forward by registered mail to: Kawempe Home Care, P.O Box 147617 Kampala, Uganda.

Online Payment: WorldRemit is an international payment provider that allows individuals to make online payments eg Mobile Money transfers to our MTN or Airtel accounts. This form provides the information required to complete the process using WorldRemit.

GlobalGiving portal: This portal enables you to send money in any denomination, using your debit card. Go to: Help Poor Children with Cancer to Access Treatment – GlobalGiving

Unfortunatley many international payment providers will only accept money transferred from Uganda but will not process money destined for Uganda.

If you would like to find out more, please contact us.