Help us to serve our community better. 

Kawempe Home Care depends on the generosity of people like you so that we can continue the work we do in the community.

Fundraising to help children with cancer

Kawempe Home Care in October 2016 was able to open a hostel for disadvantaged children with cancer due to the wonderful support from Kindern Eine Chance (Austria). This now enables us to provide these children with access to specialist care as we can accommodate 30 children and their guardian’s at any given time. The support provides accommodation, meals, counselling, nursing care, legal aid, educational play sessions and daily transport to the Uganda Cancer Institute at Mulago hospital so that the children can access their treatment.

Previously many of these families could not afford transport and had to sleep on the verandas of the hospital or in tents as the hospital had limited bed capacity.  Others could not keep up the treatment for their children due to financial hardships.

How you can help

In March this year we launched the 1000 for 100 campaign. The idea is that if we could get 100 friends or partners to raise US$1000 each,  we could then use the funds to purchase the current hostel rental premises and therefore have a permanent home for the New Hope for Children Hostel.

It is an ambitious plan but we hope that you will help us to achieve our goal as this will provide these children in our care with a permanent place and a future where these children can feel safe and secure during their treatment.

KHC will be holding fund raising events throughout the year and we hope you too will be able to contribute.

If you would like to find out more please contact us at: or you can simply follow the steps for making a donation.

How to make a Donation

If can send your donation through a bank transfer to KHC, please complete the Donation Form and the KHC bank details are shown. If you would prefer to make a donation by cheque or money order, please make it out to “Kawempe Home Care New Hope Hostel” and forward with the  Donation Form by registered mail to: Kawempe Home Care  P.O Box 337   Kampala, Uganda.

Please join us in making a big difference to these very brave children’s lives.