We need your help to distribute our tailoring and beads merchandise so that our clients can have a sustainable income.

Empowerment Ambassador

Our income generating programs for KHC clients empowers them to earn an income and provide support for their families. In addition to this, proceeds from the merchandise provide school fees and other opportunities for our orphaned and vulnerable children.

The handmade beads are produced by using colourful recycled paper and natural materials. KHC buy the beads from the clients and markets them locally and internationally through our Empowerment Ambassador Network.

We are grateful to our Ambassadors for the wonderful work they do in selling our clients beads and tailoring merchandise. We would like to grow our international market so if you would like to become involved in this program and sell our products please contact us.

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Vivian is the eldest of 4 children and has been on the KHC education program for the past 6 years. Her parents separated and the children remained with their mother, who has been a client of KHC since 2009. There is no support from the father and Vivian’s mother earns a small income from weaving mats so that she can care for her family.

‘I am very happy that Kawempe Home Care is providing for my school fees so that I can have an education. I want to be a nurse and care for patients.’ says Vivian.