Community Support

Many of our community volunteers are also clients and through their own experiences, they provide valuable support and motivation to other clients on how to live their lives positively.

Our community volunteers provide a very valuable service to those clients who are bedridden and require home nursing care. They wash, cook, provide drinking water and carry out many other tasks to help patients. They also work with the community to identify sick people suffering in their homes. They provide community family planning services, Tuberculosis screening and work with the most at risk population (MARPS) especially commercial sex workers, truck drivers, and transgender people.  They have achieved great inroads with clients in: adherence to drugs, mainly through counting client’s pills when they visit to ensure the medication is being taken correctly; education and reduction of stigma associated with HIV/AIDS with most clients now able to talk about AIDS without fear of discrimination.
The challenge for our team is the increasing number of new clients needing our help and we therefore need more trained carers to support our programs.

Support Programs

Our community is made up of mainly low income or extremely poor people and once they become ill they face not only financial hardship but also social and psychological problems. We have established a number of programs to help mitigate these challenges:

Education Support

Our Home Education Support program provides for the most disadvantaged children, those who are HIV positive or children of HIV positive parents /guardians, the opportunity to go to school and get an education. Assistance is given through paying the school fees, providing school materials such as pens, books, uniforms and one meal a day at the school.

This is am important initiative as children given the opportunity to go to school and get an education, it can provide them with a great start in life.

Find out how you can make a difference to child by sponsoring one of the many children on our waiting list. It will be a great investment.

Nutritional Support  

We provide weekly rations of posho, beans, rice and sugar to patients in most need that are suffering from malnutrition, poor social support and household poverty – unfortunately due to the limited resources we have to have strict criteria as to whom we can provide this support.

Grant Support

KHC provides grants to clients when funding allows, enabling them to become self-sufficient through starting up small businesses such as a clothes business; food stalls; or selling charcoal. Clients who are very poor and destitute are provided with basic needs like food, shelter and clothing. This small financial help greatly assists the clients and enables them to live with some dignity.

Community Volunteer Award

The 2022 Community Volunteer of the Year was awarded to: Kafuko Matilda. 

This recognition award is chosen by the Community Committee.

Matilda works with the HIV team of the community volunteers. She is very conscientious and easily creates rapport with the clients. Even though HIV is considered a manageable disease, the community volunteers work with the most at risk population and there are many challenges to encourage clients to get tested and seek treatment. Matilda was recognised for her ability to get HIV positive clients to undergo treatment. “I am very happy that I was chosen for this award and my contribution was acknowledged by the team” she says. Matilda also ensures that her reports are timely and understands how important follow up is with her clients so that they take their medication and come to their medical appointments. Even though these clients live under difficult conditions, Matilda’s dedication and support makes a big difference to these client’s lives.

KHC is grateful for your wonderful contribution Matilda. Well done.