A Must Have Accessory

14 Nov


A face mask is just one tool in fighting the spread of the Covid19 virus. Staying inside and physically distancing is ideal, but if you can’t do that, wearing a face mask provides a physical barrier to the virus.

And if you are going to wear a mask why not make it a fashion accessory.

Our tailoring team are making and selling cotton masks that are stylish, sustainable, washable and therefore reusable with a triple layer and at a very reasonable price.

Our masks sell for 5,000 UGX or US$2.00 each (but it does not include DHL delivery costs). However, if you order 1000 masks you will only pay for 50% of the delivery costs.

The money raised from the masks will provide our tailors with an income to support their families and also help us to provide the basic needs for the children’s hostel.

If you would like to help us to distribute our masks or would like to keep family and friends safe by giving them a mask, please contact Ruth at bfe@kawempehomecare.org with the number of masks you would like and where you would like them shipped to and Ruth will then provide you with a quote and payment options.