How Good Is This!


Annet with Claire (Hostel  Manager)                                            

Annet is 5 years old and was diagnosed with cancer in 2019 and is well on the road to recovery.

She lives with her 2 siblings and her parents who try and support the family through small scale farming. When she became very ill her mother took her to different hospitals and clinics but no accurate diagnosis was given and treatment attempts remained unsuccessful. “It was a terrible time and I felt helpless, having just given birth to our third child and my husband had to go to Rwanda to take care of his sick mother.” The mother says.

Fortunately a neighbor connected them to a doctor at Mulago hospital. She was diagnosed with lymphenode cancer and treatment was started. With the help of New Hope Children’s Hostel Annet and her mother had food, accommodation and transport during her treatment. She is now on routine medical reviews.

“Annet was malnourished and at the hostel with the nourishing food she was given, she gained weight. I am very grateful my daughter is now recovering. If we hadn’t had the support of the hostel, we could not afford for her to have had the care and treatment and my little girl have died.”