Manager Award

                           Kawempe Home Care Manager Award

Manager of the Year 2021: Dr. Kinyatta Amanya Bertha.

This recognition award is decided by the Management Committee.

Dr. Bertha has been with KHC for the past 5 years. She leads by example and has instilled as sense of trust and respect with her colleagues. One of the key aspects of her role is to ensure there is open communication with the staff. With Covid19 and the lockdowns it has made it difficult to support our patients and working together as team was even more important as staff who were also experiencing their own personal pressures due to the pandemic.

“I think it is important to encourage people to be the best they can and in turn this can only better serve our clients” she says.

Dr Betha is not afraid to get her ‘hands dirty’ and if she sees something needs doing, she does it, or if the team are overwhelmed, she will support them. This is not the first time that Dr Betha has been recognised peers for her outstanding performance. In 2020 she was runner up in the Manager of the Year award.

Great work Dr. Bertha.