Community Volunteer Award

Community Volunteer Award

The 2022 Community Volunteer of the Year was awarded to: Kafuko Matilda. 

This recognition award is chosen by the Community Committee.

Matilda works with the HIV team of the community volunteers. She is very conscientious and easily creates rapport with the clients. Even though HIV is considered a manageable disease, the community volunteers work with the most at risk population and there are many challenges to encourage clients to get tested and seek treatment.

Matilda was recognised for her ability to get HIV positive clients to undergo treatment.

“I am very happy that I was chosen for this award and my contribution was acknowledged by the team” she says.

Matilda also ensures that her reports are timely and understands how important follow up is with her clients so that they take their medication and come to their medical appointments. Even though these clients live under difficult conditions, Matilda’s dedication and support makes a big difference to these client’s lives.

KHC is grateful for your wonderful contribution Matilda. Well done.